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About Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar

Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar born at Haridwar, India in 12 Aug. 1955. He learned Astrology in the family environment of his elders with his scientific academic background. He has developed a Unique logical approach to Astrology which appeals to all. He starts full flash working from the year 1980.

In his Child hood Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar was keen to know about the word “DESTINY” and was always keen to know the reasons how it works on its own. He entered the active world with his scientific experiences and experienced that astrology is the science of relationships. It is a study of planetary influence on mankind and the environment. It includes the entire galaxy and has a true impact of the planetary bodies. Their radiation’s effect to each other, including the Earth and all its habitats.

Astrology has been accepted as a universal phenomena by people at large across the globe, now days, and has its deep root of existence in India for many millenniums along with the Vedas.

Through his great depth of wisdom and knowledge of astrological system. Palmistry, Vastu and Horoscope reading Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar has helped thousands of people to remarkable positive changes in their lives. People from many Countries regularly consults him. From your horoscope he gives you very accurate predictions of good and bad phase of your life in several fields such as Career, Wealth, Health, Love and relationships etc with remarkable accuracy. You can take remedial actions if necessary, that is suggested on your demand.

Pt Deepak Parvanikar will give you clear cut solution about the complexities in your life. Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar would be happy to provide a personal and confidential reading, for you overall settlement & progress depending upon your stature of horoscopic effect that planet and other elements has on your life.

All the religous activities are done according to Vedic methods. These are called Karamkands. Being a bonafide Brahmin Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar can alos perform all the Karamkands i.e. all kinds of Pooja, Marriage Ceremony, Birth Ceremony etc. himself.

Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar can also give predictions for those who do not have their birth time available. He can give the answers using Prashna Charts or Horary Astrology.

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