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Maa baglamukhi Pooja

Maa baglamukhi recognize the eighth significant position among all the ten (Das) Mahavidya’s in Hindu Methodology .Maa Bagalamukhi Pooja is performed according to ancient Vedic rituals. This Pooja protects you and help to defeat our external enemies as well as internal enemies in your whole life these external enemy create external effects in your life but main enemy of human beings are internal enemy like Kama, krodha, lobha, moha & ahankar.

Maa Bagalamukhi keep blessed on Pooja sadhak, Pooja sadhak gets control not only over their negative thoughts but also they have a full control over the external world. Pooja of maa Baglamukhi gives instant result and sadhak feel the self knowledge along with immense strength and power to lead a right path in his life.

Baglamukhi Pooja Effects:
If any sadhak make Pooja and hovan at home Devi Bagla Mukhi protects and stops your enemy. According to ancients believe it is said that by doing Pooja and havan of Devi Bagla mukhi you can get a relief from legal problems, get rid of victim of an adverse incidents ,stop unpredictable accidents ,unnatural death, It is also believed that to win over ENEMIES in your life.

Devi Baglamukhi has the power to remove of the effect of Black Magic, evil eye effects. Devi Baglamukhi destroys when anyone lies and gossip floating around you. She can also destroy an enemy's intellect.

In my opinion Maa Baglamukhi has miracles and spiritual power, and she can give you happiness, prosperity, power, wealth in your life. If Sadhak or Poojari (aspirant) completes all the methods of Pooja which is given in below steps his/her desire will completed by Maa Baglamukhi. Method of Pooja
  • Chant Baglamukhi mantra 1, 25,000 times in 11, 21, 36, 40 days as per your convenience.
  • Do yagya (homa) of Twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) mantras after completing the 1, 25,000 japa.
  • Do Tarpan with One Thousand One Hundred fifty (1250) mantras after yagya.
  • Do Marjan with One Hundred Twenty Five (125 ) mantras after tarpan.
  • Offer food to 11 Brahmins at the end and offer something to your guru and take blessings of your guru & parents.
  • Baglamukhi anusthan (Baglamukhi Pooja) can be done at home. Sadhak does not need to go any temple.
  • Place a Baglamukhi photo & yantra at your Pooja temple.
  • Sadhak must do constant number of mantra jaap everyday.

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Karma Kand

This website is for Booking Our Karmkand Specilist Pt. Deepak Madhav Parvanikar. we Provide all holy works pooja,pind daan, garh pravesh,vivah,asthin visarjan,Namkaran...etc

We only not do pooja we also provide tourism facility for all tourist we provide living faclity,fooding,tranport,medical,etc at your affordable prices...for any enquiry call now
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For the Peoples Of Haridwar We Started Giving Home Services

  • Asthi Visarjan
  • Mahaprayashit Sankalp
  • Pind Daan
  • Sapindi
  • Shayyadan
  • Teertha Shardha
  • Venidaan
  • Tarpn
  • Gaudan
  • Dash Gatra Ekadasha Dwadasa
  • Gruha Pravesh
  • Magaldosh
  • Kundli
  • Satnarayan Katha
  • Asthin Poojan
  • Vivah aur Samantha Dosh
  • Shanti Havan
  • Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Vastushastra
  • Shanti Havan,Vedic and Tantra

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Pooja Path Services

All the Poojas are performed with your name and gotras by vedic brahmans. You should book your pooja atleast one month in advance. Prasad of Pooja is sent to you by post. You can also perform pooja in your presence by intimation to Haridwar.

  • Satyanarayan Pooja
  • Ganesh Pooja
  • Hawan
  • Durga Path/ Durga Sapstati
  • Bhoomi Poojan
  • Opening a new showroom/Shop
  • Grih Pravesh/Griharambha
  • Maha Mritunjaya Jap
  • Annaparashan
  • Birthday/Janm din
  • Mundan
  • Raksha Bandhan
  • Yagyopaweet/ Janeyu
  • Engagement
  • Vivah
  • Laxmi Pooja
  • Vrat Katha
  • Ganesh Pratisthapan
  • Durga Pooja
  • Mule Shanti
  • Vastu Shanti

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Graha Shanti Pooja


As the name suggests Graha Shanti Havan is a Pooja and Havan conducted for the purpose of peace in dwelling. It has to be performed in nine parts. This is because there are nine planets and each one has to be prayed to. This Yagya is a perfect combination of a prayer to all the nine planets; in order to bless our homes with happiness and harmony. This Havan requires the study of the horoscopes of the main individual. If there are any negative effects i.e. doshas of a particular Graha then they too can be cured through this Graha Shanti Havan.

Importance and Significance of Graha Shanti Pooja and Havan

The Graha Shanti Havan is primarily aimed at reducing or eliminating the negative effects of the planets that are not in our favour as per our horoscopes. This makes life smoother and more easy-going. Because it is a 'Graha Shanti Pooja', it helps to create harmony amongst all the members who shall take shelter there. Major problems in our lives are caused due to these doshas. They help determine the levels and frequency of peace, harmony, health and wealth in our lives. This Havan is extremely beneficial to spread positivity in the environment.

Benefits of Graha Shanti Pooja and Havan

The Graha Shanti Havan is performed primarily to enhance the effects of the powerful planets as per our horoscope and simultaneously negate the negative effects of the weaker or troublesome ones. The effects created thereby would:

  • Cultivate healthy and harmonious relationships amongst family members.
  • Bring mental peace to everyone.
  • Success in the endeavors of all the members.
  • Bring good physical, mental and emotional health to all the family members.
  • Spread good vibrations in the Universe.
  • Help us improve upon our good qualities and help us do away with our bad ones.
  • Provide safety from various calamities by offering a safe environment.

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Sukh Samridhi Pooja

Shri Sukh Samridhi Yantra as the name goes brings immense happiness and prosperity in the life of its bearer. Sukh Samridhi Yantra is a very effective Yantra to be possessed by someone for bringing happiness, contentment, and joy in his life. Such people are also blessed with immense prosperity in their life.

Those who worship Sukh Samridhi Yantra with complete devotion and true belief on daily basis are conferred with the utmost benefits of the Sukh Samridhi Yantra. Those who bear this Yantra are always conferred with good happenings in their life. Everything in their life seems to be on the track of bringing happiness and pleasure to them.

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Marriage Pooja

panditparvanikar.com provides you pandit ji for marriage/wedding at reasonable price.

Hindu vedic marriage is most important ceremony in every individual’s life where and man and a woman take pledge for a lifetime of commitment and trust. On this special occasion, we thank the almighty and conduct vivah rituals to take blessings from the god and goddesses. Our shastras believed that marriage is a means to thank our ancestors and for us to take our customs and traditions forward by continuing the family.

7 Commitments of Marriage:- Always remember the divine. Always treat each other with sympathy, love and compassion. Help each other in all good deeds. Keep in mind pure and virtuous. Be strong and righteous. Show goodwill and affection to parents, brothers, sisters and other family members. Bring up the children in such a manner that they are strong in mind and body. Always welcome and respect guests.

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